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CPU/GPU intense Apps/Games crashing

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi guys,

I have a relatively new budget build, but it seems that there are a few problems with it that I cannot solve myself (specs down below). The PC runs fine when browsing the internet, doing some stuff with Microsoft Office, developing with VS Code etc. - but when I try to play games or run some GPU benchmark tools, they crash after a few minutes.

The first games I played were Battlefield V and Fortnite. Battlefield didn't seem to have any problems, but I have to admit that I didn't play Battlefield very often. Mostly Fortnite, and Fortnite crashed sometimes randomly during the game.

Then Call of Duty Warzone came out and I installed it and tried it out. I also have Modern Warfare, and that usually runs fine. But when I play Warzone, it always crashes during the first game - sometimes even already in the pre-game lobby. Always "Dev Error 6068 - DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error". At first I thought it's just a bug of the game, tried to change some graphic settings and so on, but the problem did't go away.

Then I installed some graphics benchmark tools to check if it's my GPU (or something else), or if the crash only occurs while playing Warzone. I've installed Unigene Heaven, FurMark and Unigene Superposition, and they all run fine. Also way longer than Warzone does.

Then I searched the internet for some different GPU Benchmarks and I found this one: CompuBench (v2.0). I start it up, select my GPU and OpenCL and start all the tests. The first two tests show a human brain and the first test runs fine, the second test (more intense GPU workload) crashes every single time. I tried it about 10 times, and really, it crashes every single time. I thought that my GPU might have some hardware failure and switched to the iGPU (plugged in the HDMI cable to the on-board HDMI port and rebooted the PC). When I run the same benchmark, the test also crashes every time at the exact same test. So I think the problem is not the GPU?

Then I tried something different - I downloaded Prime95 and fired up a test. After about 3 minutes an error occured in the log, something like FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5 but expected 0.4 or more or something like this. I googled this message and found a thread that it might have to do with wrong voltages on the CPU. I went to the BIOS settings but I think my BIOS doesn't support changing the voltages of my CPU.

I also tried memtest86 and let it run for about 45minutes, without any issues. Therefore I think that my RAM is also working properly. And since Unigene Heaven and Superposition run without crashing and the GPU runs pretty hot (about 80°C), the PSU also seems to be fine, right?

When I open Windows Event Log to see the error logs, it always shows up the crash as a problem with the "ntdll.dll" and some exception code. No matter if it's Warzone that's crashing or CompuBench. Always the same dll.

The crashes only affect the app/game itself, not the whole PC. The PC runs usually fine after the crash.

Here is what I tried so far:

  • use different benchmark tools (as described above)
  • use different versions of my graphics drivers
    • also deleted them with DDU and re-installed a different one
  • use different Chipset drivers
  • completely wipe my C: drive and re-install Windows 10 Pro (Build 2004)
  • switch between "Standard" and "D.O.C.P." in BIOS settings for RAM
  • Load default settings in BIOS
  • change the Windows HPET resolution (with TimerResolution.exe)
  • run memtest86 for about 45mins
  • run sfc /scannow in admin command promt
  • run DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth etc.
  • Update to the latest BIOS firmware
  • switch between GPU and iGPU
    • I even pulled out the GPU from the mainboard, just to be sure

Here is my PC setup:

  • Mainboard: ASUS Prime A320I-K
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G
  • GPU: Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX570 (4GB)
  • RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 2400MHz
  • PSU: be quiet! System Power 9 CM 500W
  • Monitor: 144Hz 24" Samsung

What I also have to mention is that the temperatures are all within an acceptable range (CPU between 40-70°C and GPU max. 75°C). The CPU only runs pretty hot (~75°C) when running Prime95, else it's about 40-50°C.

I don't have the money to change every single component step by step to find out whats the problem. I really don't know what to test and what to check further, I really need your help. Any help is appreciated!

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First I would check of you Bios is up to date. If not update Bios to start with. What kind of Crash we talking Just crash of application of Freezing of Blue screen? Do your CPU need additional Power and is it installed correctly ? Do you attached the add CPU power cables to the Motherboard? (8-pin, connector)


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Posted · Original PosterOP

Yeah, my BIOS version is up-to-date. Also everything seems to be installed correctly.


Prime95 runs fine, but some GPU intense apps and games crash. It's not the whole PC that crashes, no bluescreen. Only the app/game quits, sometimes with an error message, sometimes without anything.


Windows Event Log shows an error with the "ntdll.dll" and some Exception Code. But I do not trust this very much. I'm pretty sure it has to do with some of my hardware, since a completely fresh Windows install didn't fix anything.

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