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warframe endurance based trade suspension issues

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I've been playing warframe on and off for three years love the game endurance being my favorite aspect of the game but there's one issue with it. If you get loot to fast in a certain time span, sit in a mission for "to long", clear waves of a mission to fast and other triggers you can get a two week trade suspension. Not usually an issue with a video game you send a ticket in they review and clear the suspension if the run was legit.


Not on warframe instead you are told that they can't remove the suspension and you have to deal with it even tho you just did the run before same strat and it was cleared. These issues stem back more years then I've been playing the game but they still aren't fixed.


In solo missions you can even pause the game and walk away so you can be healthy even when doing these as for group runs you can make comps to allow for afk rotations. My longest run being a 27.5hr run but with pause it took me just over eight days to do. tho health has never been a reason for not allowing trades back but still something worth noting because there has always been that excuse given by other players. 


I'm asking on here if anyone else that plays warframe has encountered this and to help support the video I made about them and getting word to the devs so something can be done to fix these issues. Players shouldn't be senselessly told no to getting a remove of a suspension when their strat was cleared before. 


Here's the video I was referring to.


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