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Windows Blue Screen of Death Issue

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Here is my build, running 64 bit Windows 10


So back in March I upgraded to a kit of Corsair Vengance RGB Pro Memory, and while I got some blue screens like once a week with various errors, I thought all was ok. Fast forward to this week and I had been getting way more blue screens, but I was to lazy to research. I was also noticing games like Fortnite and Minecraft would randomly crash, but they seemed like documented issues so I thought all was ok. 


Untill last night when my PC started blue screening after like 10 mins everytime I turned it on, giving me errors such as:




I thought all fingers pointed to the Ram being the issue, so I ran Windows Memory Diagnostic and it said there was an hardware issue, and to contact the manufactuer. So I have contacted Corsair, and I made sure it wasn't one faulty stick by testing them individually. 


Here's were I am confused. As a temporary measure, I tried to use my old 2x4gb kit of Patriot memory untill the Corsair issue was fixed. Problem is, I'm now getting the same errors and crashes I was getting. Are both kits corrupted? Is something else wrong? I don't know what could be the issue as it should be the memory with these errors. 


Any tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks for your time if you read all this.


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I looked around and it looks like it might be your storage device that's failing. I would recommend running a test and see how it comes back. I'm not saying it's not your ram, but it seems unlikely that your perfectly working set magically fried out when you plugged them back in. And even if that's the case I would be looking at your motherboard for frying 2 sets of ram. 

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