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Amd ryzen 5 2600x undervolt

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I want to undervolt my cpu for ryzen 5 2600x so that I can get more performance out of PBO and lower the temps. I have msi b450 tomahawk max and I wanted to what LLC setting should I try and how much should I decrease the voltage by. Also, what is the best application to use to stess the cpu?

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Posted (edited)

Dropping the voltage won't make pbo better lol.

Pbo is an overclock.


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PBO is overclocking without manually inputting the values. 

underclocking will probably reduce temps but will have an impact on PbO performance. 

5Head :wine_glass: AH YES

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Can you adjust power limits of PBO in your bios? Buildzoid has a video talking about it.


You can also set a negative voltage offset but have heard some people have instability with it.


I recommend at least trying a manual overclock. If you have stability issues and get frustrated you can go back to PBO, but I get much better performance and lower heat output from a faster manual OC than PBO on both of my 3600s. Both are stable at 4.2ghz all core at 1.25V. All stock settings puts my chip at an indicated 1.35V at 4ghz under Prime95 with PBO/stock settings.


As with any OCing, it just comes down to trying things. You won't damage anything by undervolting, you might just get instability. Either start small and go bigger slowly or start big and see if it boots then back it off until you are stable.


*Edit* I also use medium LLC on my gigabyte board but didn't need to mess with it until I pushed up to 4.4ghz all core at 1.35v. Download HWInfo and watch how far your voltage drops under heavy load. Slowly increase LLC if you see a big drop or if you are stable until you give the CPU a very heavy load. Also all makers LLC ratings are a little different.


Check out buildzoid's video on LLC for some good information. You don't want to overdo the LLC setting. It can hurt your CPU.

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