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Naeem Hossain

Is my monitor dead?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

It happed once before a horizontal line appeared and that happened but it got back normal in 2-4 minutes or so....fast forward to 20 days it happed again and now it is not going away anymore.only less then half display works.

*I changed the resolution once and the lower part became white for moment then back to normal.... nothing happened now.

*Lcd haven't got damaged physically.

*I tried holding light on the lower part to see its a backlight issue or not but nah its not a backlight issue.

*I unplugged the cable to is its gpu issue or not but no its not gpu related.

*When something is running in the screen the lower part shows some trace's or line of the stuff happening above.....

So is my panel dead? Btw I'm suspecting the 30 pin ribbon cable coz when i unplugged that the screen turned fully white



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