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Cat 5e with cat 6

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Going to be installing some POE cameras in my network shortly and I've got a cable question.  Everything inside is Cat6, but for the outside I'm thinking of getting outdoor Cat 5e which I can find locally for much cheaper as I don't need hundreds of feet, only about 50ft per camera.  Will I have any issues doing the install this way?  I can get cat 6 outdoor locally as well, but it's blue instead of the darker 5e cable.

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No issues unless you plan on pushing over 1Gbps to/from the camera which I doubt you are :)

Current Network Layout:

Current Build Log/PC:

Prior Build Log/PC:

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if their is a lightning strike near by you will have issue with the insulation of 5e not being enough. also if you have 50 feet of 5e outside plugged into cat 6 going another 100-200 feet to the server room you might have cross talk issues. neither length by it's self is a problem combined you may need a repeater, at which point it would be cheaper to used cat6. also dont forget to drip loop and seal everything.

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