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New build and some questions from a first time builder

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I am a PC newb and this is my first build. TLDR with questions at bottom.

I got the build mainly from logical increments.

Rosewill - THOR V2 Case

ASUS Prime X570-P Ryzen 3 motherboard

Rosewill PHOTON Series 650W powersupply

AMD RYZEN 5 3600X 

Cooler master R1 Hyper

Intel 660p Series M.2 2280 1TB (SSD) 

G.SKILL Aegis 

Seagate 2tb Internal hard drive

So I now have all the parts and the case is huge. 

I started by replacing the cooler mounting bracket for the cpu to the Cooler master. No real issue here except I paid for a CPU that had the stock cooler. Seems like a waste.
Inserting the chip was easy because I knew to look for the odd corner. This is not mentioned in the instructions. 
Applied thermal compound, there was some in the cooler master package but I bought some because I was unsure. The amount seems silly since you only use a tiny bit. Watched a video from linus on the best method (it does not matter). Only issue with the cooler was placing it on the chip it moved around a little bit while I got the screws in place. I had to push down one side, then the other.

I did not do a test boot because I am a bad person and will probably regret that decision. 

Mounted the power supply in the case and no real issue other than it is tight (and looks like it is meant to be).

Placed the mother board stand offs and had only a slight issue as the roswell case has numbers stamped next to the holes. Some stamps where missing and one referenced to the wrong whole (every other number was to the left of the hole it referenced except 5 was to the right).

Installed the IO shield, the IO shield was not retained in the case or on the board. The force of the mother board seems to hold it in. I had expected it to clip into the case. Had to press fairly hard against the io shield to screw the board in.

Started attaching pins and it went well. The case makes this easy but I am unsure about the bundle coming from the front panel. It goes through the drive area and then through a pass through to the back. Would be cleaner if the cords just where at the back and then I could pass them through where I need them. I do worry about the cord strain as some connectors go to an immediately adjacent pass through causing a sharp bend in the cord.

The mother board I am using has an 8 and 4 pin connector. The manual says do not use only the 4 pin. Use 8, or 8 and 4. The power supply only has the CPU 8 pin. The almost identical PCIE do not fit. Took me a long time to figure this out. Reading online some say it is 100% required, others say it is fine. I suppose I will find out. The 8 pin cord is not long enough to reach the connectors when routed through the back so has to dangle over the mother board.

I installed the SSD in the m2_1 slot because that made the most sense, but with 2 slots there was no real description of m2_1 and m2_2. The ssd was also only labeled as m2. I have no idea.

The case has 4 fans and manual fan control. To my mind should the motherboard not control the fans? Hey temps are high lets ramp up?

So I plugged the front and rear fans into the mother board. I am assuming this allows the Bios to control the fan speed. The top and side fans will be to A and B manual control, because they are there and I can then control the noise level. I just see this as a set it and forget it.

The hard drive did not come with a sata data port, so had to salvage from the existing PC that had multiple drives.

I am only partly done as friends came over last night for a socially distant get together. Need to install the hard drive and video card. I am excited and terrified that it all works.
I am really concerned about the 4 pin connector. I also found out the board is older an only gen 3 and may require an update. I have no idea how this works. Hoping I just install windows. Connect to the internet and magic?

Advice is welcome and thank you for reading.


What slot on mother board do I plug SSD into m2_1 or m2_2 for Intel 660p Series M.2 2280 1TB (SSD).

Is missing the 4 pin connector a big deal?

Manual vs mother board connections for case fans?

How do I update the bios from gen 3 to current gen? I plugged in a ryzen 5, will it boot and let me update? 


Asked on reddit and got conflicting answers to each question

Thank You


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I can answer the Bios update and the M.2 issue, so the bios you'll need a separate computer to download the bios update, and than to flash it with the current Ryzen 5 in the bios, and than the m.2 slot looks like the one mines installed too.


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9 minutes ago, Morgals said:

Is missing the 4 pin connector a big deal?

No, since you have the 8 pin connector, if your only had the 4 pin then you would run into issues. Not sure how it will affect overclocking, maybe someone else will have some input on that.

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Some boards have extra power connectors on MB for GPU. I use x399 Taichi from AsRock this one has a 6pin connector if you wanted to run 4 Video cards. Might is with CPU same if you place strongest CPU of that series of might use Ryzen 5/7/9 that you will need it. However not sure of that is the correct answer for your situation, but would make sense depending on power-draw. 


Do you have a Second 8 pin connector on the Powersupply?  If so you can connect this one to the 4pin. :) Just saying fits only one way, and would solve the issue if you need it. If you have second one I would connect it anyway. 

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What slot on mother board do I plug SSD into m2_1 or m2_2 for Intel 660p Series M.2 2280 1TB (SSD).

Usually the first one near the 1st PCIE slot.


Is missing the 4 pin connector a big deal?

Nope, 8 pin is minimum, for normal operation this is enough. You can buy the extra 4 pin, since it's modular.


Manual vs mother board connections for case fans?

Motherboard give you the ability to control the speed. You can add speed controller for manual power.


How do I update the bios from gen 3 to current gen? I plugged in a ryzen 5, will it boot and let me update?

Your motherboard already support 3rd gen out of the box, no need to update.

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About your SSD it doesn’t actually matter that much in most cases, however check you manual of one of the M2 slots might reduce the PCI lanes from 16 to 8. But even that is usually only interesting if you run multiple GPU in your system. 

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