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Should I use more liquid metal?

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So I disassembled my m17 r3 and applied liquid metal exactly how Linus did in his video but my laptop shuts down due to throttling.. I didn't want to use too much and he says not to..


Should I add more to try and make contact or will it run out and fry my board? Should I just repaste with Kryonaut? 

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Ain't nothin' wrong with good ol' thermal paste

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You don't want to add too much, especially with something conductive, as you can short your board if any squeezes out onto other components. It sound like your just not making full contact. There's usually a bracket of something that applies tension. You can probably just add some washers to keep the screws from bottoming out, allowing you to tighten it down a bit more. I'm not familiar enough with the internals here to say for sure.

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