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How come a Vpn fixed my packet loss?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

i've recently moved from Adsl (had 2mb/s down 0,2mb/s up) to wireless using a antenna (10-30 mb/s  down m 4mb/s up), got similar or better in Ping ,though the wireless one looses about 20-30% of Packets , i don't even notice this unless i'm gaming and to be more precise playing Path of Exile where it just flat lines. I've looked online and saw that a VPN greatly helps, and it actually did , going down from 10-20%on FrankFurt server or 70% on Milan server  to 1% or less lost packets.

So many question is : how come i'm not losing packets while using a Vpn ? shouldn't it be same problem

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5 minutes ago, 180218_1454181069 said:

how come i'm not losing packets while using a Vpn ?

Because the CIA is no longer able to spy on you? Dunno, but it's as good a theory as any. 🤪

So rise up, all ye lost ones, as one, we'll claw the clouds

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Does it "feel" different?  I'd be wondering if perhaps the VPN is hiding the packet loss as the VPN connection is losing packets, but the traffic over the VPN may not be due to re-transmissions.

Either that or the packet loss was never caused by the wireless in the first place and the VPN has put your traffic on a higher priority at the ISP, or just forcing it over a better route to the servers.

Router: i5-7200U appliance running pfSense WiFi: Ubiquiti nanoHD (~700Mbit peak throughput)
ISP: Zen Unlimited Fibre 2 (66Mbit) + Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra. (56Mbit)

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