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Linus is spying on me somehow 😂

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I’m really starting to feel like Linus has a spy somewhere in my fuckin house 😂 the streaming set up video he posted the other day is 100% my set up . iPhone and coat hanger , and a fifine red mic 😂 the iPhone is my old phone so it just specifically my “webcam” 😂



But I would definitely recommend this for anyone who has a spare phone lying around or even just their main phone , but like suggested In the video , switching to something else ASAP would be ideal as to it screw up the battery on your main phone 



the fifine mic is honestly not that bad , the cute little stand that is comes with is cute an all , but it has the ability to be attached to a full desk mounted arm for convenience sake lol  the audio quality isn’t all that bad but it’s not the best either lol I don’t know a whole lot about audio so I wouldn’t really be able to give a good review. 


Because my little brain tactics this is perfect for me and anyone else who dosnt want a lot of hassle . The iPhone makes it a lot easier I haven’t tried android personally but lol me personally I just leave the webcam phones cord plugged in 24/7 makes things a lot easier but my cat just ate my long ass cord so I’ve got to get another lol and keeping it plugged into makes things a lot easier when starting your stream . I just have to tell obs this is the cam where using today and then I’m off the the races.  


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