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Uprade? 7700K or Ryzen

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I have an i7 6700 and its bottle necking my 5700xt. This is a Gaming PC should I look for a deal on a 7700K or Just Upgrade to a ryzen 3700x and get a new motherboard.

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7700k will still hold you back, and to my knowledge they don't even sell for a good price.


Ryzen is the way to go. Won't be needing a 3700x though. 3600 will do fine.

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3700x and Rx 5700xt have avg fps at around 130 fps while 7700 k and Rx 5700xt have avg fps at 120. Not much of a difference if you are able to find a good deal on 7700 k then it's fine but also remember that 3700x has 8 cores so it will handle work loads more efficiently.

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Don't buy anything.


Wait for Ryzen 4000 (Zen 3) Desktop to arrive (The buzz on B550 remember?) And then ask what to upgrade.




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The 7700k isn't any better at stock and judging from how you have a locked i7, you probably don't have a Z170/270 board anyway. You can get a 3600+am4 board for cheaper than a used 7700k while performing much better too.

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