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RAM not detecting in BIOS

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I just built a PC for my friend but the machine kept giving them BSoDs after about a week of usage. The most common was IRQL not less or equal and the machine simply won’t boot into crashing; I can’t even boot into safe mode. Sometimes it does boot and goes to the Windows desktop which is rare as it restarts a short while after. Upon checking BIOS, It doesn’t detect any RAM even though there are two modules fully in. After running memtest86 it shows no errors and both sticks of 16gb are detected. On the events the computer does boot, 32 gb of RAM shows up in the task manager. My question: Could this be a motherboard issue with the RAM and if so, how could I fix it?


MOBO: AsRock b450m pro4

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Try with one stick at a time 

Clear the cmos 

Update the bios 

Rest of the specs ?

My favorite case is the mechify c and it is the best case and if you say otherwise you're lying 


@TofuHaroto so I can see your post 



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