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Need help reviving old phones

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Good day, I'm new to asking for help online as I am not even sure if I'm in the right place to be asking this question. My lovely Huawei P20 Lite's screen has stopped working and i go my hands on two "replacement" phones, an LG K4 LTE and a Sky Devices phone whose name I'm not too sure of but I assume its a 5.0W . I would like to install a lighter version of andriod just so my experience isn't molasses slow. I've seen andriod go and oxygen OS and lineage OS. My expertise is more on Pc rather than Andriod so I would assume that you can just install anther OS but it doesnt look like thats the case hence why im asking for help. If it's a link to a video or even directing me to somewhere I can ask for help i would appreciate it.



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Uffdah.  Hard one.  Phones aren’t a specialty here, and I myself know very little about them.  Others here will know more.  I’ll give you what I have though.  It may help it may not help.


  A lot of phones run embedded OSes. They therefore generally have to be built for specific hardware.  If the phones you have have had an embedded Linux built for them something may be found.

There are several branches of Linux that have a lot of models of phone with stuff pre built for them.  I would start by seeing what has already been done on various projects and hope one of them happened to deal with a phone you have.  There are collection sites for Linux development projects but the names of the sites escape me. The only thing coming to mind is Mozilla.org which probably won’t be helpful.  They might have the names of other sites to look at though.


GL! Hopefully someone with more knowledge than me will be along that can be of more use.

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2 hours ago, CheatcodeFTW said:

I would assume that you can just install anther OS but it doesnt look like thats the case

You are right its not the case.


The phone's OS has to be tailer made to each device model.


2 hours ago, CheatcodeFTW said:

an LG K4 LTE and a Sky Devices phone

No custom ROMs available for those.


How to make a custom ROM for your phones? You will have to self-learn Android software development. Look it up on XDA or something. I am not a developer.


Have someonr make custom ROMs for your phone? Lol good luck with that.

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