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I took Linus's advice and upgraded with second hand parts

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I bought my computer in 2012 and I decided that I finally needed some more grunt to power my gaming and app development. I am on a tight budget though so I couldn't justify buying new. I have watched every season of Scrapyard Wars and enjoyed them thoroughly, so I decided to finally have a go buying second hand.


I started with:

16GB DDR3 @2133Mhz

i5-4670K 4c/4t @3.40Ghz to 3.80Ghz

GTX 760 x 2
Asus Maximus VI Hero


I decided I was going to try and keep the motherboard, but to upgrade to a faster cpu with the same socket, preferably one with hyper threading. I needed more graphical grunt, in a single card, because many programs don't support SLI. I would also LOVE some more ram capacity (Chrome and VM's are thirsty).


I ended up buying:

32GB DDR3 @1600

i7-4770 4c/8t @3.40Ghz to 3.90Ghz

RX 580

G19 Keyboard

G403 Wired/Wireless Mouse


Along the way I actually bought a GTX 960 first at a good price, then decided I wanted a bit more so that I could run VR comfortably. I also dumpster dived and found a working Q8200 DDR2 system with no hard drives which I parted out as well. Selling my original components, the intermediate graphics card and the dumpster pc I broke even. I haven't noticed the decrease in my ram and the extra capacity goes a long way. The hyperthreading means I am no longer getting bottlenecked in my programming and VM's. The GPU lets me play almost any game at full detail at 1080/60 as well as most VR games. Overall I've noticed a HUGE improvement (Fire Strike score 9350 to 11500) and it only cost me some off peak public transport fees. A+ would recommend.

PS: This all happened around Christmas, I wasn't helping to spread Covid.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
17 minutes ago, LinusTech said:



It's so much more fun this way. I actually enjoy the thrill of bargain hunting more than gaming in some ways 😛

ERMAHGOSH. Linus himself! My first brush with fame!

On a more serious note: Thanks for all you do man. Really.

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Buying stuff second hand is usually my first option. You can always go check it out, see if it still works. Ask their experience with said parts. There's just loads of benefits. Here in holland we have a place called "Tweakers.nl" Lots of tech people, very trustable source. 



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48 minutes ago, Phedg1 said:

ERMAHGOSH. Linus himself! My first brush with fame!

yeah I've been here over 3 years and I didn't even know he had an account. thats how rare a response from him is

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