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Adobe Lightroom performance

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I'm using Lightroom Classic on laptop with Intel 7700HQ and GTX1050. HW acceleration is on, catalog settings (preview sizes) are optimized for performance.

In Lightroom my CPU spikes up to 100% in normal workflow processing regular 16 MP RAWs, nothing extra. CPU load jumps between 30% and over 90%. It doesn't work well. I tried to make new catalog in case if old one had too much of photos but it didn't affect performance.

NVME SSD doesn't spike, no issues with access to files. No other program has issues. Seems like it's LR's issue.


I understand that it have to load CPU. But not as much to make background running video to stutter. I've had exactly the same performance with Lightroom on my old laptop with Intel U processor, DDR3 memory and SATA SSD. It's like hardware doesn't affect performance.

Sometimes it works better, sometimes worse. I don't know what's happening, because I'm turning sync off and not running any face recognition in background. Nothing should hurt performance.


Just in case, I don't have any issues with thermals and I'm using the same hardware with more demanding programs without problems.

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