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Pop_OS keeps adding new boot entry

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I recently installed Pop_Os 20.04 on my machine,i.e, yesterday. I used easy install and gave it an entire HDD. I also had windows installed in a separate HDD previously. Since the pop_os installer did not create a dualboot option for me (usually ubuntu does it by default), i just use the bios boot menu to switch between the two OSes. When I boot up, I see that new boot entries keep popping up in my motherboard boot menu (F12). This should not happen. One entry per os is the way its supposed to be afaik. I saw LTT video on linux gaming and really wanted to try it out. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? I usually use EasyBSD on windows to fix these problem. Should I try that? I don't wanna break my bootloader and ruin windows. Please help. I have attached a pic of my bios boot menu. 


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To dual boot Pop!_OS alongside another OS install Pop!_OS first. Then once booted into Pop!_OS use GParted to resize the root partition (the largest partition) to make room for Windows 10 (35GB is the minimum required). ----- https://support.system76.com/articles/dual-booting/

 Hope that helps. I don't have much experience with Duel Boot, but as long as you install POP_OS first then your windows the way you normally do it I believe you should be good. 



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