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move files or create new project (Angular, C#)

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Hi, I got free time so I started to learn Angular, now I want to do the backend to communicate with my database in C# and saw that visual studio has a project template for exactly that BUT I already started a Angular project, so I'm wondering if just moving the files over on a c# existing project will create conflicts and if so I'll start an angular-c# template project. Not sure if that makes sense..? Thanks anyway

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You can copy files over & resolve the errors as necessary. 


Most project files are Text documents. 

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Not really sure what the problem is here. If you want to create a back-end API for your Angular based website just start a simple ASP.NET core API project in VS. On controller endpoints do the actions you need (including some database stuff). I would recommend adding Swagger API documentation to your project (easily done via Nuget) so that when the API is done you can auto generate a client in javascript and just copy it over to your UI side of things.

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