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How to connect existing hard drive to Windows in VMware

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Posted · Original PosterOP

VM newbie here.


I try to add hard drives to my VM Windows 10 so I can access the existing files inside here within the VMware.


How do I go about it?

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To add hard drives to a VM you need to open either the vSphere client or go to the vSphere webpage for your server. Once logged right click on the VM you want to add disk to. Select Edit Settings. In ESXi 5.5 there will be an add button you can then add a hard disk through this menu. On 6.5 the Web Interface is a bit different but similar, in that you have to edit the settings of the VM, and add a disk. 

Once you add a disk to the VM, login to the VM and open Computer Management and go to the Disk Manager. Scan for new disks and viola new disk will appear. I know with servers that disk needs to be brought online, initialized and formatted. 



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