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Whiskey Made From Purified Urine of Elderly Diabetics

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James Gilpin is a designer and researcher who works on the implementation of new biomedical technologies. He's also got type 1 diabetes, where his body doesn't produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar levels.

So he's started a project which turns the sugar-rich urine of elderly diabetics into a high-end single malt whisky, suitable for export.




The original idea came from an (unverified) story he heard about a pharmaceutical company that supposedly set up a factory next to an old people's home and would swap cushions and soft toys for the residents' urine. They'd then process the urine to remove the chemicals that had passed straight through the dilapidated endocrine systems of the patients, which could then be put straight back into new medicine.


Source: Wired


I know it seems gross, but filtering out the byproducts of the endocrine system makes urine into water with some harmless salts and sugars. It's similar to the process by which the water main filters sewage, but leaves certain salts and sugars in the solution.


And yes, it's an older article. But it's fascinating.

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no. just go away. 

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this is one of the greatest thing that has happened to me recently, and it happened on this forum, those involved have my eternal gratitude http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/198850-update-alex-got-his-moto-g2-lets-get-a-moto-g-for-alexgoeshigh-unofficial/ :')

i use to have the second best link in the world here, but it died ;_; its a 404 now but it will always be here


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Does this mean that soon we will have to check the label and make sure it's not made of Urine?

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