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Posted · Original PosterOP


Just got my Levano laptop. It's faster than I expected. Get pretty high marks. Drive is fast CPU is Decent. I tested it under a synthetic load. Haven't installed anything on it yet.

Lavano C drive test.PNG

Lavano CPU test CPUz.PNG

Levano CPU info.PNG

Lavano Stress test.PNG

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Nice. How much ram it has? And is there a 2 gb reserved for the graphics like on previous amd ryzen mobile processors ?

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Posted · Original PosterOP


I installed the 2TB SSD in the available 2.5"  SATA Bay. it worked fine. I initialized and formatted the drive on another PC with a hard drive dock. 


Right click the Start Menu icon

Find the drive, right click on the drive and initialize the drive. 2 TB or under MBR is ok.

After initializing the drive it can be formatted. Format the drive with a new simple volume.

The drive will show in This PC, My Computer or whatever it's called.

Name the drive something appropriate. Like "Storage" in my case.

After doing this I installed the drive in the laptop. It showed as Storage and worked flawlessly.

Storage drive.PNG

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I will say, that it was plug and go after Initializing and formatting the drive. Lenovo probaly expect you to upgrade storage, so it works out of the gat.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

This is the disk management on my laptop. The "Simple Volume" spans the whole drive. 


I have the supplied PCIE NVME drive that was supplied with the laptop, and the 2TB SSD that I installed. Disk 0 is the 2 TB SSD, and disk 1 is the NVME drive that came with laptop.695835134_DiskManagment.PNG.9094a9c61e314c80e47a340798d4a30b.PNG 

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