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34gk950f overshoot

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi, I got this monitor about 3 weeks ago and since then I have been experiencing a lot of overshoot/reverse ghosting.
I wanted to get some feedback to know if this was a panel problem or if everyone was experiencing it?

I have 2 computers:
- a windows desktop with a RTX 2060 Super - everytime I move the mouse in a game, everything gets VERY pixelated.

Same on windows when moving a window. It's very noticeable unfortunately, especially when playing fast fps games such as Doom Eternal.
- my work laptop, a mac pro - I experience the same problem when moving or just hovering icons if there is an animation
- same problem happens on games that can run @60hz or @144hz

I have checked everything I could think of:
- drivers are up to date
- freesync is in extended mode and I've tried with or without G-Sync compatible mode activated (nvidia settings)
- resolution is obviously 3440x1440 and refresh rate in windows is 144hz.
- I've tested all the override settings, from the different reviews online Faster is suppose to work best but I cannot notice any difference
- I've updated the monitor firmware and also tried a factory reset just in case, hoping it would fix it

I bought this new graphics card and have waited to receive it to make sure the problem wasn't related to my old Graphics card (that only worked using DVI haha) but because of Covid-19 it tooks some time to receive it and now I've expired the Free Return policy so will have to deal with warranty if need be.

Any feedback if you're experiencing similar problem would be greatly appreciated.

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