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Laptop fan making clicky noise on low rpm but not on high rpm

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So iv bought an asus rog g531gw  like 8 month ago (i7 9th gen rtx 2070 16 g ram ddr4 ) everything was ok until 1 month ago .

my right fan making clicky noise at low rpm(3700_4500) and that noise is gone when rpm rise up to (6800_7500) and note that i dont have any performance drop or termal problem and my qustion is is that going to harm my dvice in any way shold i take it to waranty or its not a big deal my temps under  heavy loads and gaming on max setting is 88 c for cpu and 75_8 c for gpu  ill be more than happy if someone can help me :)

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Clicky noises with fans are often a fan clipping a wire. A fast fan would blow the wire away, but a slow fan wouldn’t.

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