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Upsizing to mITX

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Posted · Original PosterOP



I’m sorta proud of it after all, so posting it here. I used to run this hardware in a tiny air cooled DAN A4 case (hence the upsizing). The H210 is a huge case compared to that one. Old hardware for now because I’m holding out for Zen3.


It is my first custom-loop project tho, so there’s probably a lot of rookie mistakes (and mis-buys, but that’s behind us now 🤪).


Case: NZXT H210

MB: ASRock Z370 Gaming ITX/ac

CPU: 8700K @ stock speeds with an EK waterblock.

GPU: Aorus RTX 2080Ti with an EK waterblock.

Rest: some m.2 SSD and some RAM.

PSU: Corsair SFX in the basement with Cablemod cables.

Rads: 1x240mm in the Front, 1x120mm in the back (EK SE’s)

Fans: 120mms in the front, top and read. The GPU is blocking a second fan on the front-radiator; so there is a slim Noctua in the front-panel hiding as well.

Res: EK Quantum Kinetic (DCC pump).

Controlled by an Aquacomputer QUADRO.


What do you guys think? Where did I go wrong?





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11 hours ago, Fisheke said:


First off, you put a lot of effort into and you should be proud regardless of what anyone says.


Some gentle criticism from me:

  1. The loop looks a bit messy to me. If you are thinking of improving, i would put all the components and plan out the build so it looks less "criss-cross-y".
  2. Wire routing looks a bit messy but i hate individually sleeved wires with wire combs so it might just be my bias.


Hi! If you ever need some structural, mechanical or electrical design/build help on your new rig, send me a PM and ill try and help you out!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Thanks for the feedback!


Good point about the crisscrossing of the tubes. I'll rotate the CPU block 180 next time I upgrade the CPU. It's this way now because frankly that's "right side up" according to the EK-logo-sticker on there.


I personally like the individually sleeved wires, but could do a better job of hiding the combs :-).

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