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Too high too hot? Cpu temps and ghz.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So basically my amd 5 3600 has been running on 4.1 GHz when under use and 3.9 GHz when on idle. While also hitting peaks of 68 degress but averages on around 60 when just browsing. I'm assuming these aren't normal numbers and i'm wondering if there is some fix too (if abnormal). I'm assuming it has something to do with voltages but i haven't messed with those (still possible as hwmonitor says it's around 1.33v if ive read it right)


Specs would be:

amd 5 3600

2x8 ram 2666mhz 

b450-f rog strix (Heard it had bad vrms)

650psu (bronze)

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3 minutes ago, boggy77 said:

those look fine to me

^ this 

If your temps under load are fine don't worry about idle temps 

My favorite case is the mechify c and it is the best case and if you say otherwise you're lying 


@TofuHaroto so I can see your post 



I seek to max the letter count on every ... Single ... Site 

only the bravest are capable of such mission





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