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Power delivery to a GTX 1650 in an old dell

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I'm looking at maybe getting a graphics card to put in a Dell Optiplex 7010 DT (i5-3470, 12GB Memory) I was fortunate enough to get for free. This GTX 1650 might be a candidate, but I wonder about power delivery.  This card uses 75W of power straight from the PCIe slot.   According to page 19 of technical guidebook, the PCIe slot only supports 50W on the DT version (but 75W on the MT version).   I'm not sure how hard and fast the specification is or if it is more of a CYA thing for the manufacturer with the smaller form factor as it seems like an odd limitation.  It seems as if one reviewer on the linked Amazon page (Ryan Jan 22) has has good results.  I would be very thankful for any advice on whether this might work, if I should look at different video cards, or if I'm pushing the specs too far and it isn't feasible to do anything like this.  I definitely wouldn't mind spending less ($50-$100 range), but it looks like performance really drops off hard below the GTX 1650 especially when limited by size and power.

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The GT 1030 draws less than 50W, it is significantly slower than a 1650. If the powersupply in the system has a PCIe power cable you could get a 1650 Super that has a power input that can supply the extra 25W that the motherboard doesn't supply.

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