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upHere RC Fans

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I recently bought a five pack of upHere RGB fans that come with a controller that connect all the fans to a central hub. The connector on the fans is some 6 pin non-standard proprietary connector and the fan speed is not controllable via the remote. Would it be possible to split this connector into a PWM connector and a RBG connector? Is it possible to detect which cables take care of RPM control and the other fucntions of each wire independently or are only positive and ground up for testing for? PS - I know they have a version of the same set with PWM control but its been out of stock on Amazon for some time.

I can provide a picture of the connector if needed but for now heres how the fans look 🙃163136702_IMG_19655B15D.thumb.jpg.aceabcddbfa534db807860255dbf9d82.jpg

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A pic of the controller and the connectors of the fans would be helpful. 

But you said they are 6 pin so I dont think the fans are own themselves as 3 pins are probable rgb(red/green/blue) which only leave 3pin which means they are DC fans.


But please post the pics

And a links to the fans you bought, the controller you have, and the controller you want that's out of stock

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Of 6 pins 3 are for RGB colors. one is for 12V power, 1 is for ground. So last might be PWM. Which still leaves bit of issue as PWM controlling relies on rpm sensor when adjusting speed. And your package doesn't need to have that one at all.

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Posted · Original PosterOP


This is the set of fans that is controllable via a motherboard header


And this is the set of fans that I bought



I already have a fan controller in my system that uses standard connections.


This is a pic of the controller for the fans I have now and their connections.



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