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Powermac G5 ATX Mod: Adding USB and Audio

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I recently bought two USB 3.0 ports and power buttons for the front panel of my G5. I spliced together the power button according to this guide. I'm having a problem with adding the front USB ports, I used a file to enlarge the firewire port to the size of the USB port. The holes are a little too wide for the USBs and the ports don't stay in. I tried to secure it with JB Weld Metal Putty, it failed. So I have to make something that attaches to the backside of the front of the case that can withstand being plugged in somewhat forcefully. I was thinking about using this, which would give it support on the back. The trouble is that I need to permanently attach it to the front. I was thinking about using super glue, nails or screwing it in. Any ideas on how I can do this? I know I'm doing a terrible job of describing what I'm talking about so I attached photos. Feel free to ask questions! Also, I want to do the same with the headphone jack; I'm having trouble finding a 3.5mm combo jack to front panel audio header cable. Does anyone know about something like this. I don't want to spend much. I can do some soldering if I have to.







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