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Wifi speed spikes

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Im running wifi on my pc because the ethernet doesnt work, it always says unidentified network and ive tried so many different things but it hasnt changed. Anyway thats not the problem here, i wanted to ask why my wifi connection is better in some apps compared to others, like for example when im watching a stream in twitch sometimes i get 200-500KBps but literally this morning i was watching the same stream and i was getting 2.1MBps. but when i couldnt watch a stream on twitch i went to youtube to check out the speeds, but i was able to watch 1080p60 no problem and on netflix i was getting over 8.8MBps. BTW my package is 50Mbps. If anyone knows any reason that this might be happening please help me out.
Thanks in advance for any replies


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