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ASUS RTX2070 EVO overheating in BIOS

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Anyone else noticed that RTX2070 EVO from ASUS when you're in bios the fans are basically stopped and card is overheating like mad. One fan is off and the second one is barley spinning. Yea it has that auto stop fan function but in bios it doesn't work properly, the cards heat sink is over 65C and can burn your fingers off. Fans never ramp up in bios.


This can't be normal right?


MB is Asus X470-F (latest bios)


I tried resetting bios to defaults, still same. Can this be a bug in the cards bios or in motherboard bios? Cause the card in bios runs crazy hot, the T_sensor i had touching the heat sink showed close to 70C and i was in bios for like 3mins. GPU was probably even higher than that

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