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Picture to python turtle

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I am new to coding, we are learning it slowly in school and for the end of the year we need to make a simple click game.

I know how to do everything but to make my process quicker i want to know if there is a program that converts a simple picture into raw python turtle code? 

We are doing it in an online program so i cant just import a picture as background.


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I've done this once. I forget which library I used to do the image processing.

What you'll need is a way to read the image, get it's size, and get a color value for each pixel. Set your canvas up to be the same resolution as the image, and start moving the turtle along the canvas, looking up what color it should be drawing by reading that pixel in the image.

Be warned though, drawing a picture with turtle graphics in python is OVERWHELMINGLY slow, especially if you have to change colors frequently.

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