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Looking for a pair of headphones to pair with a ModMic USB

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey everyone. I'm currently in the market for my first pair of actual dedicated headphones. I've been using a gaming headset for the past ~6 or so years now but I'm ready to make a change. I'm looking in the 200 or less range for a pair of open-back headphones and I plan on pairing it with a ModMic USB. I do not have a amp/dac to pair the headphones with but I do plan on getting some in the long run. I've been pretty used to headphones with a heavy emphasis on low end and I've only used closed back headphones, so I'm ideally looking for an open-back pair with a more balanced sound but still has a bit of emphasis on bass. I've been looking at the Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO's, the Massdrop Sennheiser HD 6XX's (slighlty higher than $200), and the Audio-Technica ATH AD500X's but I don't know anyone who personally owns / uses these. I'd love some advice, thank you! 

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Personally I vote the 6XX because it is easiest to repair if anything breaks!


I just tore down and rebuilt my 650's for a cleaning. Takes less than 2 minutes to completely disassemble


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10 hours ago, G4TN said:

I've been pretty used to headphones with a heavy emphasis on low end and I've only used closed back headphones

Then look at the dt 770 pro 80 ohm. Really important to get the 80 ohm for most bass. They are closed back but the soundstage is still really wide.

PM or DM me if you have any questions about audio or about your PC.

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If you want good low end bass then go with Beyerdynamic. I have the 770 pro and they have good low end and they have really good positioning for gaming. Beyerdynamic is known for sub bass, Sennheiser is not

PC Audio Setup = Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 hooked up to SMSL SD793-II, Micca MB42 powered by Lepai LP-2020A+, CMTECK XM520 usb mic

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