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Substitute for M65 Elite

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello everyone,


I have been using Corsair mice since 2013, with the M45, and then upgraded to the M65 Elite in 2018.


Issue is that this mice is behaving terrible with clicks failing. I had it open three times already, first two to spray WD40 on the switches (which helped for some months but unfortunately the issues returned) then this last time I took the switches cap out and messed with the little plate inside, but it is so tiny that I must have damaged it somehow because my clicks are now harder to press.


Anyway I am not enjoying this corsair experience anymore and willing to get something better from another brand, but keeping this 5 buttons layout is a must:



The M45/M65 uses PMW 3310/3391 sensors respectively and I also would like to keep in those specs/better if possible.


The only mice that I found until now within those parameters is the Razer Basilisk, but I also had issues with Razer in the past so I was really looking for something else.


What would you guys recommend?



9900KF . NH-D15 . Aorus Z390 Elite . 16GB 3600Mhz . RTX2070 Super . 1.2TB NVME . TX650M

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Well it's got two more buttons, but I recommend the Logitech G502 Hero 16K sensor. You could just disable the extra buttons if you would like. The primary change I can see is that the button closest to the scroll wheel is not reprogrammable as it is a mechanical button used to lock/unlock the scroll wheel. By default the button behind that is used for profile switching rather than resolution switching which is what the additional buttons are used for, all of this is changeable through the use of the Logitech G hub software.71nUXHYOLFL._AC_SL1500_.jpg

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Thanks for the reply, yes I have seem this one but as you said the button close to the scroll is mechanical and I can't configure as I currently use.


The idea is good tough, I haven't thought of just buying a mice with more buttons and disabling the ones I don't need. I just want to keep those 5 buttons layout.

9900KF . NH-D15 . Aorus Z390 Elite . 16GB 3600Mhz . RTX2070 Super . 1.2TB NVME . TX650M

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