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Brutal Doom Can't Perform Execution/Fatalities, Need Help

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So while waiting for my PSU to get RMA'ed, i am only left with this old 2007 Acer laptop that runs windows XP.


Lets get to the point, since i can't play modern games on it, i've tried the original Doom with Mods.


I tried Brutal Doom V21 with ZDoom and ZDL and i can't perform the infamous fatality moves.


What i've tried:


1. Re-installing the games along with ZDoom and ZDL

2. Getting the Berserk Pack and "Give Berserk" Command via Console

3. Pressing R to alternate execution = Doesn't work at all


So when i got the berserk pack and punch the enemies, it just send them flying to the wall.


Does anyone ever had the same problem?

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Posted · Original PosterOP
2 minutes ago, 6x6 said:

Is this you shorturl.at/ahxzD

I am asking genuine question, are you even familiar with the game and the modding community?

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