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Kawaii Koneko

Best PS4 VR Games?

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What do you think are the best PS4 VR games?


I recently hooked my PS VR up again because I wanted to play Beat Saber and holy crap, what a fun game that is. If you want to exercise and play games at the same time, it is for you. I'm just disappointed you can't add custom songs like on the PC.


The only PS VR games I have played so far are Resident Evil VII, Farpoint, The Inpatient, and Beat Saber. I have also played those demo like games that they were promoting. The ones that came on the disc when I bought my gear.


I have the Move controllers and the light gun thing so I can play a variety of PS VR games. Just wondering what you guys find to be the most fun.


I'm tempted to get Tetris Effect because the music is so beautiful and engaging. I have no interest in Tetris like games though but something about the game draws me to it. 

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Try the London Heist if you like some shooters, the Persistence is meant to be a good survival horror.  

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If you like ogling cars, Gran Turismo Sport’s VR mode could be of interest.

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