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hope you are all well and safe, just a quick one

im trying to access a website and it keeps geolocationg the site to the same region as my VPN even though all geolocation settings are off in my browsers and im entering the en-gb extention in the site yet it is 404ing or just looping back to the fr-ch version. is there a way to circumvent this entirely or is it getting harder and harder to avoid this form of tracking?




i dispise geolocation tracking.

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I don't know exactly how that works, but disabling the location services in your browser does nothing when the website determines your location by your IP address, which is why it shows the location of your VPN. And that is a feature that you can do nothing against. Most services nowadays seem to use it. I also disabled the geolocation in Firefox yet the local electronics store still manages to pinpoint my location.

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Some websites don't have a British English option so you might have to try en-us? A lot of websites won't use your location to track you, just for localisation stuff.

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