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Is there a program that limits how loud the audio can ACTUALLY get?

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Don't you ever hate it when watching something but you can't have it too loud to play as normal during loud parts (music, explosions etc.) but it's fine during non-hyperactive parts?


Of course I could fix this wearing headphones but it isn't always suitable or I don't feel like it.


Is there any sort of program/app on PC which limits the audio to a defined level real-time and then increases/defaults during lower parts?

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The video player will have normalization options ... Media Player Classic Home Cinema offers this.

Most audio sound cards will have such an option as an output filter.

You can also buy separately audio mixers, so you can route the output through the audio mixer and normalize or limit peaks and so on...

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Equalizer only increases lows, mids, highs.. as in give more bass ... but applies without discrimination to anything, so it won't lower volume of really loud stuff .. you want a limiter or normalizer for that.

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