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Good Dual Sport bike

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Hey guys,

I've been doing a lot of research into motorcycles and I landed on buying a honda cbr650r because of the speed, the fact it lasts for so many miles, and you can get a used one for 1-3k used with older years. However now after seeing the cost of insurance I can't afford it. So I need to go with a dual-sport bike for comfort and to afford insurance.


Does anyone know a good dual sport bike that can handle high speeds? Most top out at 90 and I'm worried about passing people most people drive 85 avg on the freeway here. I live in an area where no one opens up for you to merge on the freeway so you need to be fast or it's not safe and difficult to drive. What I want in one is speed, lasts long, and affordable (5000 or preferably less used). I don't plan on taking it out in the dirt much maybe a dirt path or two at most. Its mainly a work commuter/ fun ride on the street when bored.


Thanks for any help!

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Maybe look at a 2013+ CB500X? Not a hardcore dual-sport, but it'll be competent on the highway and dirt paths. I have the more street-oriented CB500F and just passed 4 years of ownership and 24k miles, it's been a champ. Sub-freezing, 115 degrees, torrential rain, little snow, everything. It also gets over 50mpg on regular fuel in commuter riding, and over 70 on the highway. Plus, the insurance is reasonable since it's under the 600cc mark.


EDIT: Also, something like a Versys 650 or NC700X would be good, but the insurance might be a bit higher. Definitely get an insurance quote before you buy and make sure it's something you can live with. With mine, the insurance company I had for my 250cc wanted almost three times as much per month as the company I ultimately went with.

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