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Radiators to cool R9 Fury Nitro Crossfire

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello community,


I am new to the PCMR scene and will be creating a new PC soon. Due to budget constraints I have mostly decided to use older hardware so I can learn before I can jump into expensive hardware. 


I have 2 R9 Fury Nitro cards from Nitro and I noticed that on my motherboard (MSI X370 Carbon) the cards are very close to each other. The two cards generate some heat (quite a lot actually) and get loud under load. As such, k thought for aesthetic reasons, I should try custom water-cooling. 


I was wondering if someone has previously had experienced custom water-cooling for Sapphire R9 Fury Nitro cards. So far I have found only 3 waterblocks: Swiftech Komodo, Alphacool Nexxxo and Bykski. Additionally what radiator size should be used. I am using a Corsair crystal 570x case.

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