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Newbie wants to know the use of AV receivers

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have posted this on another forum but then I thought lets ask my friends here.


I know nothing about AV receivers. Never used one. So I am curious.

I have used 5.1 speakers with the computer in the past. All I had to do was plug in 3 jacks to the 3 females on the motherboard.
The only cost was the price of the 5.1 speakers.

But now that I am using a LED TV & want a 5.1 setup I am told that I need an AV receiver.

Probably a stupid question but why doesn't digital cable set top boxes or modern TVs offer a 5.1 output just like DVD players & computers offer ?

Why this extra need for a AV receiver ?

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Maybe your TV doesn't support 5.1, or he's trying to sell you the receiver.

You can plug the speakers from the TV if it's supports 5.1 speaker.

Using a receiver may produce a better output, since it can drive more power to the speakers.

If you plan to use your PC as a player, just run hdmi to tv and audio from your pc.


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an avr is for louder, better sound with a lot more connections. if you want 5.1 sound or better you go with hdmi which a avr uses. tos (optical is basic surround)..not 5.1 or better formats

if using a pc you go hdmi to avr then avr to tv.

most avrs have multiple hdmi ins so you can have everything going to avr then at a push of a button switch to what your using


as for why some dont have it... a lot have tos (optical) which again is basic surround. but most set top boxes dont because its cheaper and a lot of people just run one to their tv

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