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GPU isnt being detected

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Got a Strix GTX 980 ti from a mate because he wasn't able to get it to display anything. Plugged it into my brand new build all completely new parts expect the gpu and also had the same problem. I found out it isnt detected in device manager or NVIDIA control panel.

I dont have integrated graphics im using a gt 710 in the bottom slot for troubleshooting.
New Windows 10 install
Latest drivers are installed including GPU and chipset drivers
I have the latest bios
Iv looked for settings to play around with in the bios but cant seem to find much other than changing pcie gen although iv never used gigabyte motherboards before.
Looked for any hidden devices in device manager but found nothing relevant
I ran this command bcdedit /set pciexpress forcedisable
Tried with a different monitor
Tried hdmi, dvi and dp
Im also running the pc plugged into a wall socket not through a power board


Specs are

R5 3600
Gigabyte arous elite b450
2x8gb gskill ripjaws v
256gb Toshiba SSD
And the 980ti + gt710

PSU is a Corsair cs750m but iv also tried with a antec ea650g pro
Not sure what to try next so suggestions would be great.

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It's probably just a dead GPU if it is not working on both displays 


My favorite case is the mechify c and it is the best case and if you say otherwise you're lying 


@TofuHaroto so I can see your post 



I seek to max the letter count on every ... Single ... Site 

only the bravest are capable of such mission





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Pull the cooler and backplate off and look around the PCB for any damage. You can find plenty of vids on youtube showing what to look for. If you find some damage, the card is probably kaput, otherwise it might be worth trying to do a reflow of the solder. Again, tons of tutorials for that on Youtube

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