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Aorus Z390 Elite +9700kf Overclocking problems.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi, I have been trying to overclock my new system:


Aorus Z390 Elite

Intel i9700kf

Corsair Vengeance RGB 3200MHz

Corsair CX650M


 I have followed Gigabyte´s Z390 overclocking guide https://www.gigabyte.com/FileUpload/Global/multimedia/2/file/525/946.pdf 


Here's the situation i'm in:


1st try -> 4.8GHz/1.3v Vcore/AVX 0 (It passes 8+ hours of Prime95 with AVX and 8+ hours of Prime95 without AVX)

2nd try -> 4.9GHz/1.3 Vcore/AVX 0 (fails Prime95 29.8 w/AVX and passes 8+ hours of Prime95 without AVX)

3rd try -> 4.9GHz/1.3 Vcore/AVX 1 (fails Prime95 29.8 w/AVX and passes 8+ hours of Prime95 without AVX)


On the 1st try and 3rd try, Prime95 with AVX was running at the exact same clock (4.8GHz using AVX 1). Is there a reason for Prime95 to fail on the 3rd try? What kind of adjustments I should be looking for?


I am still trying to understand the issue above before going for 5GHz


Thank you.


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You must really hate your computer running Prime 95 for 8 hours.... I would really not trust you with building and testing a computer for stability :P


Generally Each chip is going to be different and some may get to 5.2 ghz with 1.3v, others it may require 1.45v and is honestly not worth doing. Id say stick to what works and is reasonable.


Checking power table options, making sure you are doing everything right is key, and in the end if it still doesnt work, you just got a dud for a chip.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I thought I had to run it for 8+ hours to make sure it´s stable :P 


How long do you think is enough for Prime95 with AVX?

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