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merrin cyriac

older samsug phones getting the android10

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who are you directing this question to?


sounds like you need to speak to Samsung if you're having issues with their phones.

Judge the product by it's own merits, not by the Company that created it.



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3 minutes ago, merrin cyriac said:

can you talk about why android 10 lags on phonesfrom the last generations and ways it will be fixed


Idk my pixel from last gen runs android 10 perfectly fine 

My favorite case is the mechify c and it is the best case and if you say otherwise you're lying 


@TofuHaroto so I can see your post 



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only the bravest are capable of such mission





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If it's a video suggestion, please post these in the appropriate thread ;



If the question was directed at the forum community, then please post in the appropriate section ;





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