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Aaliyah Reynolds

How can I remove double ticks on WhatsApp?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Is there a way to remove double ticks on WhatsApp messages? I mean others should not know if I have received the message.


I tried finding it online and came across some references:




Now I understand I can block them but that way I won't receive the message. Sites above mention that can't be achieved. However I was wondering if there's an easy trick or mod?

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You can't, people will always be able to see whether you've read a message, when you've read it. But there are things you can do to ensure your privacy.

Settings>Account>Privacy - change 'Last Seen' to 'Nobody'. 

This way nobody can see when you were last online, whether you're online now etc. 

If you wanna read a message without actually opening it, you can actually do this from the Android Notifications Menu, assuming iOS has similar function.

Source: I had my ex on Whatsapp for a month...


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The double tick is a "feature" of whatsapp, there's no way to go around it. Only thing I can advise is if you don't want people knowing that you read a message, the ticks don't turn green until you actually open the message in whatsapp, so you can for example read a message in the notification bar on your phone and that won't mark it as read.

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