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will my old version corsair h100i work with a ryzen CPU?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

back in 2013/14 when i built my current station, i bought a corsair H100i for my overclocked FX-8350. now i'm looking to upgrade to a ryzen 3900x and trying to figure out if i could pass on the stock prism cooler.


it's the first edition h100i (meaning not "pro" or "v2") and i managed to gather 2 pieces of info.

1st is that it's compatible with AM4 sockets and the 2nd is that for differences in the die architecture, the block itself isn't cooling the right parts of the CPU, making the entire setup basically irrelevant. 


since it's an old model i couldn't find benchmarks of it online, and wanted to see what i could expect before ordering a new CPU. 

thanks a lot! adding a picute to the h100i i own so to avoid confusion.  



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Quick google search shows people are using it. Seems like it would work. I assume if you still have the parts that came with it (brackets)

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You need an AM4 bracket from Corsair - else it should work.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

thanks! i saw that one, for some reason thought it was reffering to a different cooler. anywya, i don't think i still have the brackets but i believe that's something i could buy online 

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