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Just an odd question for you guys xD

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Posted · Original PosterOP

After a build is finished , do you guys feel sore or tired or anything ? 

This is my sixth build now and after everyone I get back pain from being bent over so long lol my fingers and hands are cut to shit and hurt like a sumbitch . And now with it all built and done , I don’t even wanna game on it . I just want to sleep for a week lol and it seems like this happens after I get done . Dose this or anything similar happen to anyone else ? 

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I have only built one computer so I can only answer based on that one build - My back was hurting from leaving over since I don't really have a good place to build compurers.


Other than my back hurting some, no other issues.   My hands/fingers were never cut and didn't hurt.    I coudln't wait to fire it up, get windows installed and check on some games (first gaming pc).

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Only built the one PC, but I felt exhilarated when I assembled it for the first time and it powered on without a hitch. Couldn't wait to get everything set up and running! Also, I was mumbling what-the-heck-am-I-doing and snickering the entire time:



Trolley-PC - Pfft, who needs a case?

Powering on the system for the first time by shorting out the pins was a lil' stressful for a newbie like me. 😅

For my first "legit" build inside a case, I woke up the next day with awfully sore muscles (built my PC on the floor). I'm one of those weirdos that likes the feeling of sore muscles? Also, felt a surge of adrenaline when I pushed the power button and everything jumped to life. 😁



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Posted · Original PosterOP

Bro that looks freaking sickkkkkkkkk and I love the idea xD perfect for a LAN party 😂 but yeah I’m one of those weirdos too that builds on the floor , even though I have a dedicated table 😂 but I feel like I need a ice bath 😂 who knew being a nerd had just as much muscle pain as being a jock 

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100% of the time. I find I move around a LOT when doing anything to my desk or PC

Judge the product by it's own merits, not by the Company that created it.



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Hell, I feel sore after standing up from sitting at my desk. Okay, I'm very out of shape... But yes, I do feel sore and usually a neck and back ache after building a PC.

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