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Aorus Pro x570 onboard audio has some sort of algorithm

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Posted · Original PosterOP

that sort of tries to emulate monitor positioning. Something like Sonarworks. I mean, I can clearly see the difference plugging my headphones on my Audio Kontrol 1 vs on the frontal jack. The Audio Kontrol 1 has a raw signal, the stereo is classic headphone stereo were you hear things panned a lot to the sides. If I put it on the frontal jack (on the motherboard basically) then I get this weird feel that it has some inbuilt algorithm that is not raw stereo signal... its hard to describe if you are not familiar with audio.

I have looked at Realtek options and apparently all post processing is disabled. The problem is the Audio Kontrol 1 is old af and its breaking so I need to buy a new DAC if I cant fix the sound on the motherboard.



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