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NEW edge browser has problems with amazon cookies?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

hi everyone!

everytime i access amazon.it the website asks me to log in and to use the OTP afterwards even if i've checked the "remember me on this computer" when inserting the password and i checked the option to not ask for the OTP again on this browser.

after the login, when i close the amazon webpage when i don't need it open anymore, if after around 5/10 minutes i get back to amazon to check for something about my orders or about my cart i have to log in again and insert the OTP too... that's weird because on google chrome and firefox this doesn't happen, this issue is preset ONLY on amazon.it, while on other "amazon partners" websites like twitch i'm still logged in without the need of re-log after a short period of time as happens on amazon.it.

since the log-in informations and preferences are kept by the browser through cookies, i guess there's a bug (maybe?) on reading the amazon.it cookies... how can i fix it? i've already tried everything i could think such as:

changing the privacy settings to base (didn't work)
manually allowing cookies from amazon.it to be kept even after browser get closed (didn't work and that's kinda weird)
clearing manually amazon.it cookies (didn't work)

thanks for the help! it's so weird to say, but the new edge browser feels faster then chrome! O.O 

Metalhead with a huge itch for PC gaming, video editing and audio recording, currently playing in a band and pwning n00bs in the summoners rift ;)

Come listen my band EP on SPOTIFY \m/

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