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Alt-Tabbing in a game

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Whenever I am in a fullscreen game and i alt-tab, my monitor stays a black screen for about 3-5 seconds. When i go to Borderless windowed, it fixes this issue but i get much more stuttering/fps drops with my monitor, so fullscreen is the preferred option. Is there a way I can make my monitor stop staying a black screen for 3.5 seconds?

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It really depends on the game, I have found games from 10-15 years ago were generally worse and a fair few, with some exception handle it better.


I think also the PC and storage may play a part as I have less issues on my new PC (2018) vs my previous PC from 2009.


I have not added any new games since 2008 so its a fair comparison.


i5 8600 - RX580 - Fractal Nano S - 1080p 144Hz

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It's normal more or less. Exclusive fullscreen renders the game only as a primary one, borderless renders desktop as well reason why you can switch instantly. Also why you can have stutter, fps drops and general higher input lag. Not recommended for fps games. Also depends on games too, some can switch faster, for me it's not that longvin general. 

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