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May 21 LTT Video - Why not use inverter and 6V batteries

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Posted · Original PosterOP

May 21, 2020 LTT Video has linus installing a UPS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzHbFzF6W20

Why not use an inverter and some commodity lead-acid batteries. I have a 4,000 W inverter with eight 6V 220Ah golf-cart batteries in series. The cost for this setup was about $1600.

For me, it ensures 100% electricity uptime for 5 computers and some 100 hard drives.

I put it on a steel rack, set the rack on 1000-lb casters, and have good mobility and access as well.

And i don't have to call anyone to fix it. It's very simple and modular.



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Because it's the difference between a janky home setup and a professional one that's needed for insurance purpose. 

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I don't think this is a good reply because there's nothing in the suggestion that indicates it's in a residential place.

And I am sure if Linus was concerned about insurance, he would wear steel-toed boots and eye protection when working.

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You do realize they run a professional business and need to be able to rely 100% on their equipment? They spend all that money to ensure that all the equipment in that server room is protected. Despite the fact the old one blew up (because it was LMG's fault for not having enough airflow - that is now fixed) none of the connected equipment was damaged.


Also your setup, not very safe at all. You have no way to prevent circuits from crossing each other, back feeding, over voltage protection, clean sine, etc. That's another thing that expensive UPS does. They don't need it to run for a very long time, just long enough to safely shut down all their equipment.


You will learn the hard way that sometimes you need to spend a pretty penny to save a shiny nickle.

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Because electronics don't live long when fed by a cheap inverter that effectively puts out a "modified" square wave

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