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Definitely not the place for this , but you guys have by been the most helpful.

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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP

*YT video removed by moderator *


been having a hell of a few months trying to figure out what the hell im going to do . Bought a ps4 brand new , but I didn’t buy it I’m leasing it , and I’m under warranty still . Or atleast I was when my problem first started. Now My warranty is past . So I doubt anything will actually be done for me , but I’m going to atleast try lol. I’m still fucking paying for the thing and it dosnt even work so yeah I’m definitely going to try. So if I call the Sony number , you get an automated bitch Voice that says we are closed , and hangs up on your ass. So calling and speaking to a real live person is outta the question . So I move onto the next option... live chat *cringe* tried from my phone and it literally said nope . Wasn’t having it. It didn’t even let me click the fucking captcha while on mobile . So I tried from my desktop , and you guys can see the video of the results . I thought this should definitely let click the captcha . Ouh and while on mobile it would kick out of the que . I thought it was because my screen time out , so I figured another quick fix by switching to the desktop . 😂😂😂 bud was I fucking wrong . Desktop worked for few seconds better then the phone , like it actually put some hope in my heart ... but then completely fucking gone . It’s been over 2 months of trying . I’m at wits end here , I just needed to complain and maybe have you guys see what I’m going through and agree that it’s Ouhkay to be this mad 😂 fuck me man 

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Yeaaah, the others are being dicks for no reason here.


Warranty centers are closed, they weren't considered essential businesses, sorry that you're having a hard time. If your warranty has expired during the Covid pandemic, there might be a chance that Sony would accept to cover it once they can get back to work... But I hope you have a paper trail to show that it was defective before. Like have you tried initiating an RMA with them or anything of the sort, or is that not an option unless you go through chat? It does say they are open 8am to 8pm.


What is the issue that you're having with your PS4 exactly?

If it's software related, it might be as easily fixed by updating the firmware through Safe mode (you may also just try to reinitialize it.)

But if it's hardware, that's another story.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I think I shorted the ps4 out somehow . The moment I turn it on the back right corner over heats. It’s laggy and skippy in the home menu . I tried playing a game of apex , and I can only hear my footsteps and my teammates. Some explosions , and only bullets fired by me . No other sound what so ever. Like I can’t even hear mic’s. I was playing with a friend and my game just froze up and he sent me a picture of me jumping and frozen in mid air , and when he would get close to me he would glitch out a bit . That one was sorta one time fluke sorta thing but was weird and though worth a mention 

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Posted · Original PosterOP

And the video I posted is me trying to initiate an rma with them, the only way to contact Sony PlayStation is through the stupid live chat , and that’s what it keeps doing to me for some reason .so I can’t even get ahold of anyone to even see about what I should do 

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Due to the pandemic going on across the world I understand that many companies support will be diminished or slower. please note this could be the case for the trouble you are experiencing with your support tickets. I doubt Sony has stayed this big of a player and not had some good experience supporting their products past warranty/ assisting users with items past warranty. I would say open a thread in the troubleshooting with as much detail as possible with your issue and see if anyone has had similar problems. Check out basic fixed (i am not sure what the problem with the Playstation is) 


1. cleaning dust bunnies

2. replacing parts like power cord

3. How long has this been happening

4. Did anything change that could have affected its current problem


troubleshooting really depends on what the issue is exactly. I hope you get it fixing as it can be a pain to be down a source of entertainment.


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I'm just going to be honest, reading OP's posts has me more worried for his health if this is what he's going nuts over.  Anyone who is stressed that bad to the point they are nearly fuming at the mouth over a game console and can't wait to call support, is not going to be leading a good life for their heart.


Take it from someone who has heart failure, and HAS DIED in 2017 (obviously revived).  You simply can't sweat the little stuff and should instead just relax, breath slowly, and be patient.  I mean what would Uncle Iroh do?  ;)

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* thread cleaned *


If you're not interested in helping, then don't reply and move along.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hakemon I know I shouldn’t be so mad over something so little . I have wicked anger problems . I also have depression which dosnt help my anger. I truly feel the whole world is out to get me lol I feel that if thousands of people are doing things , why can’t I ? Why am I having trouble and no one else is ? Those sorts of things . And it’s been something that has bothered me my entire life and I don’t know how to change . I completely get that I shouldn’t be this angry , it’s not normal . Instead of getting upset and crying about it , i get mad . And I know crying isn’t a normal reaction either . But I’m not normal lol I have problems 

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Godseph I I haven’t tried changing the power cord . That’s a simple thing I didn’t even think of .... like holy shit I’m dumb lol I tried downloading a whole new OS straight from Sony and putting it on and stuff like that , that’s how complicated I though I my problem was . I’ll try power cord though 😂 you never know 

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@Stonernixom please start quoting those you are responding to or tag them as I have with you. No one will receive a notice of your reply unless you do.

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